December 12, 2019

Helpful Herbs For High Blood Pressure

Millions of men and women throughout the world suffer from high blood pressure. In this article we will look at the problems it can cause, and also which herbs for high blood pressure you should be looking at.

High Blood Pressure

The medical term is Hypertension. It is also ominously known as “the silent killer”. The reason for this is that very often symptoms are not seen.

It is also the biggest factor in causing strokes and a major factor when it comes to heart disease.

How is it measured?

Blood pressure is the measure of force at which blood ‘pushes’ against the walls of your blood vessels.

One major function of your heart

While your heart does many things one of its major functions is to pump blood throughout your blood vessels. These arteries then carry this blood throughout your body.

Anyone who has high blood pressure is making their heart work that much harder when it comes to pumping blood through the body. This in turn can lead to your arteries hardening and is the major reason for heart failure and cardiovascular problems.

Get checked regularly

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have your blood pressure regularly checked. This is a simple and painless process and is particularly important if you are carrying excess weight, are obese, or do not live a healthy lifestyle. A quick and regular visit to your doctor can prevent a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.

Keep that blood pressure healthy!

A sensible diet and regular exercise will help keep your blood pressure between the correct levels, but you can also look to use herbs for high blood pressure if you find those levels creeping up.

Here are just three that have been used for centuries in Chinese and Indian natural medicines. These herbs are proven to keep your blood pressure down;

Garlic Seed Extract

This extract comes from the bulbous garlic plant. Garlic has been used across the world for centuries due to its many health benefits.

It is a little known fact but a fully grown garlic bulb can grow up to one metre in height and contain up to 20 cloves.

The reason that fully mature garlic is so beneficial to blood pressure is that it is extremely rich in the nutrient allicin.

Premium Hawthorn Berry Extract

Perhaps surprisingly this shrub is a member of the rose family. Many species are native to North America. It blooms in the month of May and produces small red berries. The whole of this plant contains various nutrients such as flavonoids and procyanidins.

Daikon Seed Extract

This ingredient is actually a root which belongs to the radish family. It is fairly hefty! It can grow up to 20 inches long, and as much as four inches in diameter. This extract is understood to complement other herbs when mixed in an all-natural formula. It helps with blood pressure and cardiovascular issues.

Final thought

There are lots of effective herbs for high blood pressure problems which will help you, but they should always be used in conjunction with a sensible diet and some regular exercise. This way you will be greatly increasing your chances of keeping that silent killer at bay!